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Here are some useful Taxi Melbourne companies who you can use to book your transfers:
  • 13 CABS (Ph 13 22 27 – within Australia only)
  • Silver Top Taxis (Ph 13 10 08 – within Australia only)
  • Dandenong Taxis 9791 2111 
  • Frankston Taxis 9786 3322
Welcome to Taxi Melbourne
We have one aim with this taxi Melbourne website, basically we wish to provide a one stop portal for all internet users to find and get the contact details of the most popular and recommended taxi Melbourne companies. Off course, the recommendations are based on our own personal opinions so are not researched however, sometimes a personal opinion is all that is needed!

Currently, our list of most popular taxi Melbourne companies includes the following:

  • 13 CABS (Ph 13 22 27 – within Australia only)
  • Silver Top Taxis (Ph 13 10 08 – within Australia only)
These recommendations are based on the Melbourne's major taxi companies list found on

On that point, we must remember that although these are the more popular and larger networks of taxi operators in Melbourne, there are still other taxi/cab companies in Melbourne which may also have there advantages and suit your particular needs more effectively.

Another two less recognized taxi Melbourne companies are:
  • Dandenong Taxis 9791 2111
  • Frankston Taxis 9786 3322
Although these taxi service providers are not mentioned as a major Melbourne taxi company on the Visit Victoria website, they are still fairly popular in the city and well renowned with a fairly strong reputation.
Taxi Melbourne Booking
Generally when a taxi Melbourne is utilized, it is due to no pre-booking and the result of an instantaneous hailing of the taxi on Melbourne roads. However, it is important to consider the process and option of pre-booking a taxi Melbourne online or over the phone. Many of the popular taxi Melbourne organizations allow for pre-booking online, and just about all of them allow for phone bookings.

The advantages of pre-booking your taxi in Melbourne are endless. Some of these advantages include, but are not limited to:

  • Ensuring the taxi will be available at the necessary time of pick up
  • You may be able to ask for a tax invoice with some organizations
  • Generally the service may be more professional and more friendly as the taxi Melbourne operator may know the first name of the passenger. 
Chauffeured Car or Taxi?
Whether you are a resident living in Melbourne or a tourist coming to Melbourne from somewhere else... it is quite likely you will require ground transportation services. Whether that be a taxi in Melbourne or a chauffeured limousine. There are quite a few factors which you should really consider when making this choice which help you in making the best decision in your particular circumstance.

Here are a few points regarding the chauffeured service (Which you can book using the form above):
  • Prices are fixed and estimated/quoted online
  • Tolls are additional
  • Chauffeur is dressed formally with professional attire
  • Vehicles are of a luxury standard
  • Price is not effected by traffic or length of time in transfer (However waiting time charges do apply)
When booking a taxi Mlebourne transfer the above factors are not necessarily all true. Some points about Melbourne taxi transfers include:
  • Prices do get affected by time and KMs driven (Route taken)
  • Tolls are still additional
  • Driver will generally wear standard taxi uniform
  • Regular taxi services do not usually provide luxury vehicles
One other point which should be considered is the payment of the services. When booking a chauffeured transfer using the form above, you can make payment via credit card online. The following types are accepted:
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Diners
  • American Express
Furthermore, if you have an approved account with the company (Driven By Limo), you may also make payments via bank transfers on a monthly basis. Please note however that unlike most taxi companies in Melbourne, the chauffeured service above does not accept cash payments.
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Cab or Taxi?
The Taxi Cab Melbourne discussion is one which is extremely basic. Many Melbourne tourists and residents often wonder whether they should call a cab in Melbourne or a taxi? The answer we can tell you is quite simple.... Cabs and taxis are the same thing! Just a different name!
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Please keep in mind that these are just taxi Melbourne companies which we are aware of as being popular, we do not recommend the use of any of these taxi Melbourne companies and are not associated with these companies in any way.
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